Keep Moving

GoNoodle to keep the kids active 

Try out P.E. with Joe ‘The Body Coach’ every weekday morning on his Youtube channel at 9am.

Try out Cosmic kids YouTube channel for yoga and meditation getting active for 10 minutes, in English or as Gaeilge.

Words, Writing and Stories

Practise reading, spelling and phonics at:
Reading Bear
Reading Eggs (Can sign up for free trial)
Teach Your Monster to Read (Covers letter sounds to reading full sentences)

Keep a JOURNAL of your days off school. Each day change the WRITING STYLE: one day you are in thriller mode, the next you are writing comedy, next again it’s a tragedy… and yet it’s still your day-to-day life!

Other online libraries include:
Epic! (Can join free for 30 days)
Oxford Owl (free E-books)

Use the Book Creator app to create stories. You can download this on an iPhone or on an Android device or simply download it on your computer by clicking the above link. 

Maths is an excellent website and most games are tablet friendly.

Check out The Maths Factor website, created by Carol Vorderman. There are fun videos with Carol, a little bit of practice and lots of interactive games. (has been made free for the next few weeks). Excellent website linked to the Irish curriculum.

Lots of cool MATHS games and crafts here: parents-page/


Watch irish tv programmes on the website Cúla4. has lots of traditional and pop songs as Gaeilge. Each song as an Irish and English translation and a video to accompany it.

Check out Snas as Scéal for lots of interactive games and resources.

Séideán Sí also offers lots of interactive activities as Gaeilge.

Arts and Crafts

Loads of art lessons and ideas

Marvel Artist Will Sliney is doing tutorials on youtube live, and taking theme suggestions, and challenging the children to draw things every day. It’s #WeWillDraw
• Will’s Twitter
Will’s Youtube Channel

For ARTS AND CRAFTS, some excellent go-to sites include:

Around the World

If the great outdoors (or a back garden) is an option, the RSPB has lots of nature games and activities to do inside and outside. And here are ideas to ‘give nature a home in your garden’.

VIRTUAL TOURS of museums around the world abound. Try these , these, these or visit Google Art and ask the kids to curate their own collections: give them a theme, a period, an artist or whatever angle to cover and ask them to choose their favourite pieces and explain their choices.

Check out The National Geographic Kids for lots of information about the world around us.



Another way of travelling while confined is through webcams. Find lots here. Invite each kid to pick a destination and look at the webcam in that place. They can spend some time imagining they are there. (What time is it? What’s the weather like? What are they doing? What is going on? How do they feel?) Then they can design and write a postcard to answer these questions.

Digital Learning

Create a STOP-MOTION ANIMATION on your phone with these apps:
Apple Users
Android Users

SOCK PUPPETS is a fun app that allows kids to record their voice using a sock puppet: tell about a character in a book, replay a scene, share what you know about a topic, tell how you solved a problem, etc. Tutorial here.

Improve your touch typing trying out either of these websites:
BBC Dance Mat Typing
Typing Club

Children can access a variety of coding activities for free on

Useful Apps