The information leaflets below will help you navigate your journey with your child through primary school.  The National Parent’s Council has published more helpful information leaflets on their website

 Getting Involved in Your Child’s Education

Getting involved in your child’s education. The Why and How of “Parental Involvement”

Research shows us that children do better and are happier in school when their parents are involved in their learning.  Find out what you can do to help your child in school.


Your Child’s Learning 2000 

The guidelines in this booklet suggest ways in which you can help your children to learn. Due to the fact that family circumstances vary greatly parents may feel that they are not in a position to follow all the suggestions made. However, it is important to try and use those you are comfortable with, and to enjoy watching your children learn.

 Supporting your Child’s Learning at Home 

Children spend only 15% of their time in school. From a very young age, long before they start school, your child is already
learning from you. This information leafleft from the National Parent’s Council gives advice on how to help them learn at home. Read more.. 

Your Child and Standardised Testing: Understanding the STen Score

During your child’s time in primary school he/she will complete standardised tests in English reading and in maths. Children in Irish medium schools will also complete standardised tests in Irish reading. Schools must use the tests in 2nd, 4th and 6th classes and share the results with you. This leaflet explains what standardised tests are and how they can help your child’s learning.

  Your Child’s School Report

You will receive a written report from your child’s school at the end of the school year.  This guide helps you to understand your child’s school report and explains terms used in the report.


Read this guide if you have questions about your child and their homework and what you can do to help.



Supporting Your Child’s Move from Primary to Post Primary School

Every year, more than 50,000 children in Ireland move from Primary to Post Primary education. It is a time of many challenges for children and for parents. This leaflet published in conjunction with National Parents Council Post Primary provides helpful information for parents as their children make the move from Primary to Post Primary school.