Playground Leaders: 5th and 6th class act as playground leaders on the yard. They play co-operative games with children from all classes.

‘Do your Talking as You’re Walking’ – we have introduced this new playground rule to encourage all pupils to be active during break times.

Daily Mile: All classes participate in The Daily Mile running initiative for 15 minutes every day. The children can run or jog, at their own pace, with their classmates, making them fitter, healthier, and more able to concentrate in the classroom.

Active Breaks: Throughout the day we have active breaks scheduled to get the children moving during class. GoNoodle and 10@10 are just some of the ways we get moving at school.

Junior Infants                             Senior Infants

1st Class                                     2nd Class

3rd Class                                     4th Class

5th Class                                     6th Class

Run a Day Challenges:

Junior Infants                              Senior Infants

1st Class                                      2nd Class

3rd Class                                      4th Class

5th Class                                      6th Class

Scoil Naomh Barra has an Active School Walkway around the edge of our football pitch. This walkway is used each day by classes completing their Daily Mile. It is also used during breaktimes by children who like to walk and talk. This Walkway will be extended to join our sensory path in the coming year. 

Walkway Timetable

Junior Infants  1.50pm

Senior Infants 1.40pm 

1st Class 10.35am 

2nd Class 11.20am 

3rd Class  12 o’clock 

4th Class 11.45pm

5th Class 1.20pm 

6th Class 1.30pm 


60 Minutes Physical Activity Challenge

The World Health Organisation recommends that children and youth aged between 5-17 should accumulate at least 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity daily.

The children in 3rd to 6th Class have been completing the 60 minutes a day Physical Activity Challenge each term. The children record any physical activity completed for one week on the template given to them by their class teacher.

The Witches’ Walk

Our school incorporates physical activity into annual calendar events such as The Witches’ Walk. This year it was held on Tuesday 20th of October. The Witches Walk is where the whole school dress up and complete a walk around the local roads. The infant classes complete a shorter walk than those in older classes. The mounted unit of the Gardai, help each year with traffic management. 

We also complete an annual cycle. This usually takes place during our Active Week. The mounted unit of the Gardai also help at this event with traffic management.