What can you do to help?

Recycle at home, at school and everywhere else.
Remember to use the correct bins in school.
Encourage others to reduce, reuse and recycle.
Report pupils who break the school’s green code.
Travel with the walking bus as often as you can.
Bring a sports bottle to school or refill used water bottles instead of buying new ones.
Take a lunchbox to school instead of tin foil or cling film.  This cuts down on the waste the school has to dispose of.
Use excess paper for doodling or to feed the worms.
Use both sides of all sheets and copy pages.
Buy copies with recycled pages.  Teachers love it!
Check taps are fully turned off after use.
Support and get involved in any school/committee initiatives.
Never be afraid to check up on the wormery and garden during holiday periods.
Familiarise yourself with the schools action plan and green code.