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Wilkinstown V Baconstown- Boys' Final May 2018

Schools: Wilkinstown make up for last years disappointment

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May 28, 2018

Baconstown’s David Moore and Cian Doherty close in on Cillian Oakes Wilkinstown during the Boys Division 3 final at Pairc Tailteann.

Wilkinstown N.S 5-5 Baconstown 2-9

Scoil Naomh Barra made up for losing to Castletown in last year’s final and claimed the Allianz Meath Cumann Na mBunscol Boys Division 3 final at the expense of Baconstown. This was the Wilkinstown schools first ever title.

Early goals from Cillian Oakes and Jack Donegan set the tone for this lively encounter and the winners went in at the break 2-2 to 0-6 in front.

Baconstown narrowed the gap with three early second half points from David Moore and Patrick Jordan (2) but were rocked again by another Wilkinstown goal this time from Aidan Rennie. Baconstown were right back in the game after 13 minute courtesy of a Jordan goal. With time almost up only two points separated the teams but  another major from Rennie sealed the game in Scoil Naomh Barra’s favour.

Wilkinstown scorers: Aidan Rennie 2-1, Rian Fox, Cillian Oakes and Jack Donegan 1-0 each, Adam Wogan 0-2, Scott Corrigan and Vincent Leonard 0-1 each

Baconstown scorers: David Moore 1-4, Patrick Jordan 1-3, Eoin Bright 0-2

Scoil Naomh Barra, Wilkinstown: Stuart Mitchell, Josh Curtis, Corey Curtis, Abby Matthews, Shane McKeever, Rian Fox, Ben Reilly, Scott Corrigan (Capt), Jake Briscoe, Aidan Rennie, Cillian Oakes, Jack Donegan, Adam Wogan, Jamie Bellew, Vincent Leonard, Alex McKeever, Oisin Corrigan-Lynch, Aaron McCabe, Shea Kenny, Cian McKeever

Baconstown NS: Conor Walsh (Capt), Adam Peacock, Eoin Coffey, Cian Doherty, Jamie Kelly, Rian Forde, Cormac O’Sullivan, David Moore (Capt), Luke Boggan, Eoin Bright, Christopher Nolan, Patrick Jordan, TJ Walsh, Sean Conboy, Ryan Dowling, Ciaran Fagan, Eimhin Flynn, Adam Greville, Anthony Healy, Michael Heffernan, Kerrie Cole.

Referee: Padraig Farrell St Olivers Navan

Wilkinstown Boys V Dangan Boys Semi Final
The match began at 3:15 on the 22nd of October 2014.
The referee threw up the ball and the captain Evan Corrigan caught the ball and passed it to Eoin Donegan. Dangan got three points in the first few minutes of the game. Just then Sean Penny got a goal to bring us back into it. Wilkinstown dominated the match for about five minutes but out of nowhere Dangan got a goal. Dangan kept getting scores.


Wilkinstown were trailing by five points at half time. An inspirational speech by Mr Minnock made us think we could win it. The second half began and Dangan got two early points. Wilkinstown slowly but surely picked up the tempo and started working as a team. Points followed from Evan Corrigan, Seanie Bellew and Sean Penny. With about ten minutes to go Seanie Bellew blasted the ball into the back of the net. The intensity rose and the Wilkinstown players played a stormer. Dangan nearly got a goal but our great defenders put in amazing blocks to keep them out. Sean Penny, Eoghan Moore and Evan Corrigan attacked with pace through the middle of the field to get some more points.

James Carroll took a side line ball to Alex Matthews. Alex passed it to Sean Penny who chipped it over the keeper’s head from the middle of the field into the back of the net. Near the end a Dangan player was sent off. The full time whistle blew. It was all over. Wilkinstown Boys are into the final in Pairc Tailteann.

The final score was Wilkinstown 3-8 to Dangan 2-6.

By Evan Corrigan and Sean Heaney

Wilkinstown Girls V Coole Girls Semi Final
On Monday, the 20th of October Wilkinstown Girls took on Coole Girls in St. Paul’s football pitch, Navan.
The whistle blew and the referee threw the ball up and Coole won the throw up. Soon afterwards Wilkinstown got hold of the ball. Catherine Blaney scored the first point of the match. Coole’s goalie kicked the ball out straight to a team member’s hands. The player went for a point and got it over. Sinead kicked it out and soon after Lara O’Neill scored a goal.

Coole’s goalie kicked it out and a Coole player got it but our back Clodagh Mitchell blocked it. After a few minutes of scoring from both sides the whistle blew and the score was 2-1 to Wilkinstown and 1-1 to Coole at half time. The referee threw the ball up and the second half began. Wilkinstown won the throw up. Catherine Blaney went for a goal but sadly missed. Lara O’Neill then got the ball and went for a goal and scored. A player for Coole scored a goal. Sinead Casey kicked it out to Hannah McKeever.

Hannah kicked it down to the forwards and soon after Shannon Conneely scored a goal. Shortly after this the whistle blew and the match was over. Both teams shook hands.

The final score was 5-6 to Wilkinstown and 1-6 to Coole. Wilkinstown won again so now we are through to the finals in Pairc Tailteann!

Good luck Wilkinstown!!!
By Clodagh Mitchell and Sinéad Casey

Wilkinstown Boys V Castletown Boys
Following the great win over Drumconrath last week in Kilberry, Wilkinstown went on to play Castletown on Tuesday the 14th of October. The game was played in Castletown’s home pitch. The referee was Mr. Geoghegan. The game started off with Sean Penny winning the throw up. Sean passed it to Lara O’Neill who scored a great goal. The other goals scored were by Eoghan Moore, Evan Corrigan, Sean Penny, James Carroll and Seanie Bellew.

The other team scored a point in the last 5 minutes of the first half. By the end of the half Wilkinstown were dominating. In the second half some subs came on. Nicky Henry, Joseph Smith and Evan Corrigan came off injured. Castletown scored 2 points in the second half but it wasn’t enough. Wilkinstown came home with another great win to bring the boys into the semi-finals, where we’ll meet Dangan next Wednesday October 22nd.

Come on Wilkinstown!!
By Dominick Curran & Luke Dolan

Wilkinstown Boys V Oristown Boys
Wilkinstown Boys took on Oristown Boys on Tuesday September 30th in Kilberry. The referee Mr. Minnock threw the ball up and Oristown won possession. They ran straight down the field and tapped it over the bar. Wilkinstown had some great scores from Seanie Bellew, Evan Corrigan, Nathan Weldon, Sean Penny and Eoghan Moore.

Oristown’s defence was weak and we punished them for it. Oristown pulled some back, but Wilkinstown were still well in front. Before half­­-time James Carroll, Seanie Bellew, Evan Corrigan, Eoghan Moore and Sean Penny kept us in front. We were leading at half time. The referee Mr. Minnock threw the ball up for the second half and Wilkinstown grabbed it and tapped it over the bar. Wilkinstown dominated the second half. Some great scores followed.

The final score was 11-7 to 3-2. Wilkinstown Boys have won 3 out of our 4 games. Hopefully we can follow in the girls’ footsteps.

Come on the boys in navy and red!
By Seanie Bellew & Nathan Weldon

Wilkinstown Girls V Boyerstown Girls
After a great success against Carlanstown last week Wilkinstown Girls went on to play Boyerstown on Thursday, October 2nd.  As the referee Mr Minnock threw up the ball, the game began. Wilkinstown girls won the throw up and attempted to score but a Boyerstown midfielder got the ball leading on to the first point of the game.

Wilkinstown’s goalie Sinead Casey kicked it out to captain Lara O’ Neill who kicked it into the back of the Boyerstown net. The Boyerstown goalie kicked it out but it went straight into Hannah Boyle’s hands. Hannah Boyle passed it to Catherine Blaney who quickly blasted it into the back of the net. Boyerstown followed with a few points and Catherine Blaney scored another in the first half. In the second half Mr Minnock threw the ball up which Boyerstown won.

They went for a goal but our backs Clodagh Mitchell and Hannah Mc Keever blocked it, so Boyerstown went for a point instead and suceeded. During the second half Lara O’ Neill scored more goals. Near the last ten minutes, Boyerstown scored a point and then the whistle blew.

The final score was 7 -1 to 12 points, we won! Well done Wilkinstown Girls, another great game. Now we get to go to the semi-finals and if we get through, we get to go to Páirc Tailteann for the finals!

By Saoirse Fitzpatrick and Catherine Blaney

On Tuesday the 23rd of September the Wilkinstown boys’ gaelic football team played their third game of the Cumann na mBunscol tournament against Carlanstown in Kilberry pitch. Wilkinstown got off to a strong start with Evan Corrigan and Sean Penny scoring goals. More points and goals followed from a selection of the Wilkinstown forwards.

The midfield worked hard to retain possession which resulted in a few good points from Seanie Bellew, Eoghan Moore and James Carroll. Wilkinstown controlled the rest of the first half taking their opportunities very well.

The score at half-time was 9-7 to 0-0.

The second half began with Wilkinstown winning the ball and working the ball up the field. Seanie Bellew finished the move off with a goal. Carlanstown went on an attack and soon scored a great goal. This gave the Carlanstown team renewed energy and the rest of the second half was much more level.

Soon the Wilkinstown defence tightened up to prevent any more scores for Carlanstown. The Wilkinstown forwards were finding it harder to score but Joseph Smith did well to get a goal towards the end of the game. Eoghan Moore finished the game off with a point. The final whistle went and the teams shook hands.

The score line read Wilkinstown 11-9 Carlanstown 1-0. It was a great victory for Wilkinstown. We are delighted with the win.

Come on Wilkinstown!!!!!
By Eoghan Moore and Sean Penny

Wilkinstown Girls Vs Carlanstown Girls
On Tuesday the 23rd of September we faced Carlanstown girls’ team. As we were warming up the Carlanstown girls arrived. We got into position and the ball was thrown up by our referee Mr. Minnock. Carlanstown won the throw up but Wilkinstown midfielders got the ball and hand passed it to Lara O Neill.

She turned, ran and blasted into the back of the net. More goals and points followed on from our first great goal. Goals and points were scored by Lara O’Neill, Emma Carr, Catherine Blaney, Shannon Conneely and Clodagh Carroll. Near the end of the first half the Carlanstown goalie kicked it out and their midfielder grabbed it, soloed up the pitch and attempted to score a goal but our goalie Sinead Casey saved it brilliantly and passed it to Clodagh Mitchell. T

hen the whistle blew and we were leading. The ball was thrown up in the second half. Our team scored more and more goals and points. Carlanstown scored a goal but they couldn’t get past our defenders for a second one.

The final whistle blew and Wilkinstown had won with a phenomenal total of 16-9 to 1-1.

By Kate Bowens and Emma Carr

Wilkinstown V Carnaross - Boys
Following a defeat to Boyerstown last week Wilkinstown boys took on Carnaross in Kilberry pitch on Tuesday the 16th of September.  The ball was thrown up by referee Mr. Minnock.  Evan Corrigan, the Captain, won the ball in the throw up.  Evan ran up the pitch and took a shot but the Carnaross keeper made a good save.

Wilkinstown got a couple of goals on the score board by Evan Corrigan, Seanie Bellew and Sean Penny.  Halfway through the first half we had more than five goals.  Soon after, Nathan Weldon hammered home a great goal.  Carnaross then scored a hard earned goal.  However, soon after, a tactical error by the Carnaross keeper cost them one.  Just before the first half whistle blew, Evan Corrigan slotted over two brilliant free kicks and Eoghan Moore and Seanie Bellew scored the last goals of the half. The ball was thrown up in the second half and Wilkinstown Captain Evan Corrigan won it.

Another couple of goals and points followed for Wilkinstown,  The backs worked their hearts out with some amazing defending by Alex Matthews, Adam Matthews, Eoin Donegan, Nicky Henry and Sean Heaney.  Late on in the game Carnaross scored a goal and a point.  The Wilkinstown team played a blinder and won with great style.

The final score was Wilkinstown 14-11, Carnaross 2 – 1.

By Evan Corrigan & Alex Matthews.

Wilkinstown V Carnaross - Girls
Following a victory last week over Oristown, Wilkinstown girls went on the play a thrilling game against Carnaross in Kilberry pitch on Tuesday the 16th of September.  Mr. Minnock threw up the ball and the game began.  Carnaross won the throw up and played it through the field which resulted in the first goal of the game!

Our goalie Sinéad Casey kicked out the ball and soon after Lara O’Neill blasted it into the back of the Carnaross net.  The Carnaross goalie kicked it out and Emma Carr soon got another brillant goal from the middle of the pitch.  Afterwards Wilkinstown scored two superb points followed by a brillant point from the Carnaross forward.  At half time Wilkinstown had a comfortable lead. As the second half kicked off Wilkinstown got two more points, one from Catherine Blaney and another from Larra O’Neill.  Catherine Blaney then took a forty-five which lead to a goal from forward Shannon Conneely.

Emma Carr then scored her second goal fo the match.  Wilkinstown fought hard to get the ball from a strong Carnaross midfield.  Lara O’Neill scored her second goal with two minutes to go.  The whistle blew, Wilkinstown girls had won their second game of the season.

Final score Wilkinstown 5 – 6, Carnaross 1 -1.

By Lara O’Neill & Réidín Myler


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