Tips for Parents

We’ve put together a list of some useful tips for parents of children who are new to the school.

For tips on helping your child at school, homework,  and other issues please see the section on Your Child at School

Useful Tips

School bus tickets must be applied for before April each year at transport.

Due to very limited parking, the school operates a drop off and pick up system at school gate. The inside lane must be kept free for the school bus at 3.00 p.m. The bus lane can be used for 2.00pm pick up only. For this to work traffic must keep moving. If you need to park, you can park at Community Centre and walk down to school.  Parking on the footpath is not allowed.

When dropping off in the morning please drive to the end of the lane before dropping your children off.  Please do not stop before the pedestrian crossing to let your children out of the car.

Parent/Teacher meetings are normally held in October or November.

The last day of term before Christmas, Easter and the summer holidays is a non-uniform day. Also on these days, the children can bring a toy from home (as long as it’s not electronic) and they don’t need to bring school bags.

The PA operates a book rental scheme for most of the books that are needed. A book list is normally issued in early June for next school year; this list covers workbooks and stationery requirements to be purchased.

If your child is out sick you should inform the school on the first day of absence and send a follow-up note when your child returns to school. This can be written into the School Homework Diary. You should also notify the school of any contagious illness your child may have or have come into contact with.

Healthy school lunches are required during the week. On Friday one small treat is allowed i.e. a small bar.

For the Witches Walk – children wear the school uniform under their costume.  The Witches Walk is a fundraiser that the PA has run for many years.  The children dress up in Halloween costumes and get friends and relatives to sponsor them for completing a walk on a route close to the school on a designated  day before the Halloween break.  Parents are welcome to accompany their children on the walk (and dress up too if you want!!).

The Parent’s Association A.G.M., normally takes place in November each year. This is an opportunity for you, as parents, to come forward, join us, and continue the work of the Parent’s Association, helping us to grow and develop, like our children in their school lives.