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NPC Education Conference 2018 – Seen & Heard ‘The Child’s Voice, Making a Difference’

All parents are welcome to attend, ADMISSION IS FREE and lunch is provided. Click here to register your attendance.

Saturday 16 June 2018 – National College of Ireland – 10.30am-4pm

The Keynote Speaker is Tako Rietveld from the Netherlands with his presentation ‘Making the voice of young people heard’. 

Tako Rietveld is the world’s first and only ‘Youth Correspondent’.
Children look at the world from a different perspective than adults. They have their own unique thoughts, views and opinions. With Tako’s help, we can learn from the children and act on it. He will take us on his journey into the world of young people. With powerful examples he will show young people are more than just happy creatures that like to play. ‘Children inspire, surprise, make you think and make you smile. Adults teach children all about life. Children teach adults what life is all about.


The Parent Association is the structure through which parents in a school can work together for the best possible education for their children. The Parent Association works with the principal, staff and the board of management to build effective partnership between the home and school. Partnership between the home and school is important because with positive and active partnership the child gets the best that primary education can offer.

All parents of children in the school are members of the Parent Association. These parents elect a committee to work on their behalf from one year to the next.


The PA fundraises for the school in order to help with the purchase of equipment and other resources that the school and your children benefit from.  The money that we collect, thanks to the generous donations of all the parents and the wider community, is spent in the following way:

Transport to School Events

The PA subsidises the cost of bus transport to various events that take place away from the school during the year.  These events include all sporting events, and church practices for the Sacraments.  A substantial amount of what we raise each year goes towards funding this transport in order to make it less expensive for parents.

Equipment for the School

This year the PA has donated money towards the cost of new PE equipment for the school.  All the children will benefit from the newly purchased materials.

The PA funded the purchase of a defibrillator kit and for training for the staff in using it.

Other Activities

The PA also funded the following:

A Heritage Ireland talk on Wildlife for the children which took place in the school.

Plaques for the 6th Class pupils that will be presented to them on the night of their Graduation ceremony.

Medals for this year’s Project winners.