Welcome to the Scoil Naomh Bárra Green Schools Initiative! 

Green Schools 2020/2022

Welcome to our Green Schools page.

We are active in the Green Schools Initiative and currently have four flags as follows:

  1. Litter/Waste & Recycling
  2. Energy
  3. Water
  4. Travel

We are currently working on achieving our 5th flag – Biodiversity. Biodiversity is all about plants and animals.

Our ultimate aim is to make students, parents and teachers aware of the importance of Biodiversity in our world.

Biodiversity is so important that 2011-2020 was declared the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, has this to say:

“Biodiversity underpins the functioning of the ecosystems on which we depend for food and fresh water, health and recreation, and protection from natural disasters. Its loss also affects us culturally and spiritually. This may be more difficult to quantify, but it is nonetheless integral to our wellbeing“.


Step 1: Green Schools Committee

Due to restrictions, the Green Schools Committee cannot operate as normal this year. 5th Class have taken on the role of the committee for this current school year.


Step 2: Environmental Review – Biodiversity Awareness Survey

Biodiversity Awareness Survey – Scoil Naomh Barra

Step: 3 Action Plan

Biodiversity Action Plan – Scoil Naomh Barra

Class Activities – Samples – 2020-2021


Step 4: Monitoring and Evaluation

Revisiting the Flora and Fauna Survey will take place in May 2021.

Revisiting the Biodiversity Survey will take place in May 2021.


Step 5: Curriculum Work

To follow later in 2021.


Step 6: Informing and Involving

Green Schools Noticeboard – check it out for updates throughout the year!!


Top Ten Tips for our Parents: 

  1. Use paper straws or no straws! – plastic straws are polluters and can be harmful to animals.
  2. Buy loose fruit and vegetables.
  3. Avoid buying products containing palm oil – palm oil production is harming the planet, animals and people.
  4. Leave no trace – recycle your waste!
  5. Upcycle – use something old to make something new.
  6. Have one plastic bottle and lunchbox to re-use.
  7. Use natural remedies instead of chemicals.
  8. Walk, cycle or carpool.
  9. Bring your own re-usable bag for shopping.
  10. Look out for bird’s nests around your home – don’t disturb them!


Step 7: Green Code

We had the great challenge of coming up with a new green code relating to biodiversity. It was tricky as we wanted something short, smart and catchy. Once all the entries were submitted, the winning green code was chosen. Well done – it is super!


Biodiversity Green Code

  1. To monitor the wildlife coming to our school grounds.
  2. To understand the relationship between the other themes and biodiversity.
  3. To explore the biodiversity in the local environment.
  4. To inform parents and the wider community of the things we do to foster a love for our world and our responsibility to maintain it.

December 2020


Our Biodiversity Slogan 

Biodiversity needs saving so do your part

 plant a daisy!

National Tree Day 2021

We celebrated National Tree Day on Thursday October 7th 2021. All classes took part in a variety of activities. Below are some photos and a video of Junior Infants planting a cherry tree in the sensory garden.