Active Week

Active Week took place from Monday 10th to Friday 14th June in 2019. Thank you to the parents who helped out during this week.

Active School Week was a great success. A variety of activities including tennis, Gaelic games, hockey, yoga, soccer and gymnastics were enjoyed throughout the school.
A 10K organized cycle took place for children from 4th, 5th & 6th classes. Children from Junior Infants – 3rd took part in a walk of the same route.

Thank you to all the local clubs and groups who participated both in person and through online videos. 

There was no written homework this week. Teachers assigned different active tasks each day such as obstacles courses, circuit workouts and family activities.

Cross Curricular

We used games such as DONKEY to help children practice their spellings in a fun way while also practicing their ball skills. 

Children used chalk to draw out hopscotch which integrated the subjects of Art and Maths.

Group work using equipment was used for different topics in SPHE such as circle time and discussions. 

The children loved doing all these subjects in an outdoor setting rather than sitting in the classroom.